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C6 Essentials Course

Thanks so much to all the players who attended Paul’s seminar at the Texas Steel Guitar Association Jamboree. Paul covered a lot of material that day, but one surprising thing stuck out…the amount of players wanting to learn the C6 tuning.

Back when Jeff Newman and Paul taught seminars together, they often asked the crowd “Who here plays C6?”, and a few hands went up. Then they asked “Who here wants to play C6?”…and very few hands went up.

In Dallas, Paul asked the same question, and was quite surprised and delighted to see that half the room said they already played some C6. When he asked who wanted to…the other half of the room raised their hands!

Here’s a clip of the seminar highlights:

Paul has said in the past that he did not think a “Beginning C6” course was needed, but since the seminar – when 40+ new and experienced players wanted to learn the C6 -he’s changed his mind: “I think the time is right. The C6 tuning deserves a fresh look and a modern way to teach it. That approach is what I am offering in both the Method and now in my new C6 Essentials course.”

Taken from selected lessons found in the complete Paul Franklin Method, the C6 Essentials course has videos, TABs, Practice Tracks and PDFs to get you familiar with the tuning itself and shows you where to find the sounds you need to play in any style. If you’ve been reluctant to tackle “the back neck”, Paul will de-mystify it and get you into playing rich, lush harmonies and melodies you can apply to your music right away.

A 12-month subscription is just $99 and you can apply that towards the full Paul Franklin Method anytime within your enrollment period should you want to join the Method and continue your studies on both necks.

For more info, click here: C6 Essentials With Paul Franklin

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