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Christmas Past

Updated: May 13, 2020

The Christmas album I recorded many years back, began as a test of sorts. I had three DA-88 digital recorders (24 tracks) and a 32 channel board that I wanted to learn how to use. I was determined to do a one-man band concept, so I purchased a list of gear to facilitate this explorational journey.

Armed with my steel guitar, synth, electric bass, drum machine, plus a snare and cymbals from session great Lonnie Wilson, the process began.

Sonically, I really wanted whatever I recorded to sound and feel like a band of mates were playing together. I chose “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” as the first track. I wanted it to sound like a group of steel guitarists caroling. I always started each track by recording a click track or drum machine to play with. A few hours later I had 5 tracks of steel playing the bass parts, the rhythm parts, the melody and its harmony parts.

After that track I was excited and inspired to complete the project. I learned a lot about the steel guitar’s potential on this album.

Greg Galbraith played acoustic rhythm, Randy Mason played Snare and hi hat with brushes to enhance the drum machine. Using a synth, Bob Patin played the acoustic bass parts and the brilliant organ solo on “What Child Is This“.

I hope you enjoy this insight into the laborious yet very rewarding process behind the recording!



Long out of print, much in demand, and hard to come by, Paul’s instrumental Christmas favorites album is now available.

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