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Foundations: E9

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Hi Everyone-

I wanted to let you know about the Foundations: E9 Pedal Steel Guitar Basics course my team and I have put together and launched.


Ever since The Paul Franklin Method began on January 1st 2018 (and even before then), people often asked me about creating a Course that covered the fundamentals of the E9 tuning. They wanted something that beginners could use to get started off playing correctly . . . and something that even experienced players could refer to and correct any bad habits they might have picked up. Enough info and knowledge to get you on the bandstand making music with the pedal steel guitar . . . without getting too caught up in music theory.

Once we had the Method up and running, I was able to select key concept Lessons from it (and add several more) to form a Course that I feel will interest both the avid player and the curious student.

I believe we need more pedal steel guitar players in order to keep the instrument alive. We need to expand our presence in all genres, in all age groups. As we all know, it can look pretty intimidating – even to someone who plays another instrument. I’ve tried to address that in this Course and teach the essential techniques and musicianship that will create solid players, no matter what music they choose to play.

Here’s the link for more info on the: Foundations: E9 Pedal Steel Basics


We’ve recently moved The Paul Franklin Method to a new host that has allowed us to offer a sleeker interface and I believe the course-taking experience is greatly enhanced. The new format will allow us to do much more than the previous one, and we have some special things planned for 2019!

One of the many things that is possible right away is enrolling for the 12-month Paul Franklin Method course in monthly payments of $59. I had many requests for a monthly subscription rate, and we are now finally able to offer one. 24/7 access to all of the Course lessons (videos, practice tracks, TABs and pdfs) for $2.00 a day!

Here’s the link to the new version of The Paul Franklin Method.


We also have a new version of the free TEST DRIVE that you can get to check out the Method.

Click here to enroll in the TEST DRIVE:


Finally, here is the URL of the site that is hosting all our Courses

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