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Message From Paul

First off, let me say thanks to the hundreds of students who have signed up for the Course!  Throughout the length of this method, I intend to share my deepest insights into making music with the pedal steel guitar. Let’s get right into it with some practical course-taking advice.


As you choose a video lesson to work on for the day, I think it’s best to watch it in its entirety before trying to play along with it. This ensures you will pick up the nuances of the Lesson. Even when it might appear to be a “beginner” subject, there may be something I say while teaching the concept that will benefit the more advanced player. We are never too advanced to work on the basics!

In many of the lessons, I’ve covered the topics and techniques that I focus on in my own practice sessions. From my 50 years of experience, I’ve realized that my weakest areas are pretty much the same as they were when I first started playing. We are all students, at all levels. For this reason, the progressing player needs to constantly perfect the right and left hand techniques and regularly practice bar movements. They should also work to coordinate the pedals and knee levers with rhythmic precision and always practice being dynamically expressive using the volume pedal.

It’s been my lifelong dream to find a way to share and teach the things I have learned while studying the pedal steel guitar. I’ve tried to make the experience as close to a private lesson as possible, and with your input I’ll be adding more lessons, more examples and more knowledge. Thanks again for joining me on this journey!

– Paul Franklin



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