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The Blues on E9

Here is the way I view the E9th as a Blues-based tuning.

In the pedals down position (A and B pedals activated), I move back two frets and lower strings 4 and 8 a half tone. At that position every string except the 9th string establishes a Dominant 9th sound, which is my favorite choice for a dominant chord. In that position there are a lot of string choices from which to build Blues melodies.

Also from the pedals down position, I often move up 3 frets for tons of riffs. As before, every string except the 9th string works as a scale at that fret, and if you omit the 2nd string you get the Blues scale and the Pentatonic notes which is the primary voice I prefer when playing Blues lines.

Try this out to hear that Blues sound:

N=No Pedal…… I will list A & B symbols next to the string.

Key of C7th (at the 6th Fret)

3B  3N  1  4  5A  5  6B  7  8  10A

In between 5A and 5 you can use a half A pedal to get the Blues scale, and you can add the 2nd string into that scale for a “jazzy” touch to the Blues.

– Paul

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